Utility system and Power Contracts Optimization

Maximise the revenues and profits from your energy contract

Pulp and paper mills have become multiproduct facilities where power exports have become new sources of revenues. P&P mills master the operation of the processes to maximize pulp production profitably; however maximizing profits from power exports while providing enough steam for the processes remains a challenge, especially when power contracts are complex and/or power prices change frequently.

FPInnovations’ approach assesses the operation of the utilities systems, considering the interactions between the utility system and the process, control strategies, and the power contract flexibility.

Your Benefits

This approach has been applied to several mills resulting in additional revenues of 1 to 14 M$. As a result, you will get a model of the true cost of steam and power and its variability, depending on the steam production path, as well as the operation regime of the process (different grade/volume) and an understanding of how process and utility operation can be optimized to profit the existing power contracts. 

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"FPInnovations has the expertise, the tools and a unique approach to conduct energy management studies in a time-efficient manner. The power contract optimization study performed at Resolute’s Thunder Bay, Ontario, pulp and paper mill was very successful, generating significant additional revenue."

- Robert Dufresne, Vice-President, Operations, Resolute Forest Products