Toxicity Troubleshooting

FPInnovations’ Environmental Services group has over 20 years of experience in the investigation of causes of regulatory acute toxicity issues for the pulp and paper industry.

We have developed proven approaches and analytical techniques that allow the causative agents to be quickly identified and remediated. We offer both consultative and diagnostic services, including fish and invertebrate toxicity testing and chemical analyses.

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"I immensely appreciated the service and technical support you gave me during a critical time. Your expertise and professionalism are at the level of world-class companies and the top universities. I wouldn't hesitate a second to deal with you again."

- Pascal Meunier, Environment and Lockout Supervisor, Rolland

"Due to their experience with Pulp and Paper effluents and knowledge of its general characteristics, FPInnovations was able to quickly test for a number of different compounds linked with toxicity episodes in order to determine a root cause. Likewise, the findings were reinforced with readily available literature sources previously generated and released by FPInnovations."

- Alex Hiiback, EIT, Environmental Coordinator, Resolute Forest Products