Thermo-Mechanical Pulp Optimization

Reduce refining energy without adverse effect on pulp properties

Reducing refining energy consumption while maintaining product quality is a continuous challenge for mechanical pulp mills. FPInnovations has developed a process/methodology to evaluate TMP mill operating units’ performance in order to optimize the process and reduce energy consumption. FPInnovations performs a full TMP mill audit, testing pulp samples from the whole line, along with analyzing corresponding DCS data.

A thorough analysis and benchmarking leads to the identification of key recommendations to optimize the TMP process, reduce energy consumption and improve refiner controls. Throughout the process, FPInnovations’ team works in close co-operation with the mill to implement the recommendations and ensure the delivery of energy savings and quality improvements.

Your Benefits

Implementing the recommendations from FPInnovations’ audit allow to:
  • Reduce refining energy per year with no adverse effect on pulp properties (by 1–2 MW)s
  • Less overconsumption of steam and saving on gas
  • Improved operational stability
  • Reduction in kraft addition
Overall, cost saving usually vary between $300,000 and 1M$ per year, plus improved operational stability & pulp quality.

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"We needed the depth and rigor of a strong R&D group. Under previous mill ownership, FPInnovations provided this solid technical support and working relationship."

- Bevan Lock, Pulp Production Manager