Reference Materials & Canadian Standard Freeness certification

An easy way to calibrate your lab equipment

Laboratories from all over the planet rely on FPInnovations' expertise for the calibration of their equipment. We have over 35 years of experience in the field and can count on an experienced team devoted to its clientele.

Optical Calibration Regular calibration of spectrophotometers is essential in order to meet the high demands of your clients for reliability and reproducibility of optical measurements. FPInnovations’ Optics Laboratory is one of only five ISO-Authorized laboratories worldwide for issuing IR3 Standards for measuring ISO brightness, whiteness, and colour, according to ISO 2469, 2470-1, and 11475. We also provide consultation and diagnostic materials for resolving colorimetric problems. We actively pursue technical innovations in this field and contribute to the development of ISO Standards.

CSF Calibration

Standardized Aluminum Foil validating the overall performance of Burst Testers.
This aluminum foil is standardized on Model “A” and Model “C” Burst Testers that are adjusted and operated in accordance with the following Standards: PAPTAC D.8 and D19, TAPPI T403 and T807 and ISO 2758 and 2759, using a pressure transducer and a digital readout. The pressure transducer is verified against a dead weight tester that is traceable to the National Research Council of Canada.

Standard Reference Materials
FPInnovations offers standard reference materials for the verification of test instruments. They include: pulps (bleached eucalyptus and NBSK) and papers (fine paper or newsprint).

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"It’s essential for us to ensure that the freeness testers and screen plates that we manufacture and sell worldwide are calibrated according to ISO specifications. We always rely on FPInnovations’ meticulous work to provide this calibration service."

- Johanne Dubuc, Production Control, Robert Mitchell Inc.