Recovery Boiler Optimization

Increase pulp production or solve operating issue with recovery boiler

FPInnovations has developed novel methods and unique probes and instruments, including a heavy-duty portable continuous emission monitoring (CEM) system, to sample, measure, and analyze your system’s key operating parameters. We identify bottlenecks and provide guidance for adjustments to the air splits, air distribution, and liquor spray patterns. Additionally, we have developed a detailed database on technical specifications, operating conditions, and combustion and emission performance useful to benchmark your boiler.

Your Benefits

FPInnovations’ team works closely with the mill personnel to gradually implement improved operating conditions that allow reaching the optimal operating conditions. Once the project is completed, the internal team has developed the needed understanding to maintain long-term benefits. FPInnovations’ scientific driven approach has demonstrated its ability to:

  • Increase pulp production by maximizing firing rate 1% increase in boiler throughput , an average of $1-1.5 M per year in incremental pulp (production for 1000 t/d kraft mill)
  • Solve operating issues and emission such as poor liquor and air distribution, poor mixing leading to high carryover, boiler plugging, low reduction efficiency Reduction of water washes by 1–2 times per year, an average of $0.3-1.5 M per year
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