Recausticizing and Lime Kiln Audit

On site investigation to identify low capital cost opportunities that reduce variability and improve operability in the chemical recovery cycle

Auditing key unit operations in the recausticizing and lime kiln areas can lead to significant cost savings. FPInnovations will review dissolving tank, slaker and causticizer, pressure filter, lime mud filter and lime kiln operations by:

  • Reviewing equipment loadings and compare to industry standards
  • Focusing on major operational problems identified by mill staff
  • Mining data and benchmarking of mill performance
  • Reviewing control strategies (e.g. TTA control, CE control, etc.)
  • Providing analysis for liquor and mud samples
  • Providing final report outlining findings and recommend cost saving opportunities

Your Benefits

Previous results show outstanding results, such as:

  • Identification of bottlenecks and excessive chemical losses
  • Reducing pirssonite scale and increase TTA target through improved TTA control
  • Reducing deadload, reducing lime consumption and increasing liquor strength through improved CE control
  • Increasing lime mud solids feeding the lime kiln through optimized filter operations
  • Reducing lime kiln ringing and improving lime kiln stability
  • Reducing overall energy consumption in the liquor cycle

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"The approach yielded some conclusions we anticipated and some that were very surprising, for a very worthwhile overall project. The exercise certainly identified some outstanding opportunities for the mill. FPInnovations’ work is much appreciated and respected."

- Mark Wunderlich, Technical Director & Continuous Improvement Manager, Catalyst Paper Corporation, Crofton Division, Crofton, BC