Pulping Process Development and Optimization

Maximise operating capability and product quality

FPInnovations’ chemical pulping expertise ranges from solving material or process problems to conducting comprehensive pulpability studies. For several decades, FPInnovations has performed research and contract work in chemical pulping and tackled a wide range of challenges by finding solutions and developing useful techniques.

  • Increase pulp strength to reach the potential inherent in the original wood
  • Pulping with additives (AQ, polysulphide, etc.)
  • Simulating advanced digester operations
  • Determining how chip size and quality affect pulpability
  • Doing precise yield measurements
Our capabilities for research-scale characterization of the material/process combination could identify newer and better operating choices.

Your Benefits

The cutting edge expertise developed by FPInnovations has made a difference in a number of projects aimed at developing and implementing pulp processes, solving operating problems and improving the quality of the pulp obtained. Operating cost reductions and improvements to the competitiveness of products generally make it possible to produce an annual financial impact ranging from $0.5 million to over $1 million.
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"Our mill fully supports the concept of fiberline strength delivery and has been using it since its inception. It provides a yardstick for measuring your process performance, and a good snapshot of your mill operation."

- Al Hitzroth