Pulp Bleaching Optimization

Determine the most favorable bleaching conditions to meet your customers requirement at the lowest cost

Bleach plants of chemical pulp mills are often not fully optimized, and as a result there is an increase in the bleaching costs. In addition, pulp quality may be compromised due to the poor performance of one or more bleaching stages. FPInnovations draws from its extensive experience, knowledge, and research to tailor the bleaching needs of each mill by offering a range of bleaching services and by optimizing the bleaching process.

  • Project planning / sampling design
  • Wood and fibre quality testing
  • Analysis of large data sets, tailored to your needs:
    • Within-tree quality variations
    • Statistical differences between sites / harvest regions / species
    • Impact of rotation age
    • Impacts of silviculture and climate change
  • Determining how chip size and quality affect pulpability
  • Doing precise yield measurements

Your Benefits

Bleach plant optimization allows mills to work under most favourable bleaching conditions and dosages of various bleaching chemicals used and could potentially reduce their bleaching costs with little or no capital requirement.
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"When defining the parameters of novel pulp and paper processes, Allnorth often relies on the expertise of FPInnovations. They are responsive to our needs and always work collaboratively in understanding and evaluating opportunities. The accuracy of their laboratory trials allows project returns to be precisely quantified and thereby minimizes client risk."

- Doug McKenzie, P. Eng., CEM, Principal Engineer – Process, Allnorth