Process Integration & Energy Management

Take advantage of major energy saving opportunities and improve mill sustainability

FPInnovations’ unique approach towards process integration allows substantially improving energy efficiency.

The approach considers the changes in operating conditions and configuration of the process, process variability, fuel prices, steam costs, power contracts, and the complexity of the multiple system interactions that take place within the water, energy, and utility network. As part of the approach, we perform benchmarking (energy, water, and process operation) to compare your mills with others and also develop a process and utility simulation that will allow you to better see the full picture of your operations.

Your Benefits

By applying this approach in several North American pulp and paper mills, FPInnovations was able to help each mill save $1 to 4 million per year. The end result is:
  • reduced production costs,
  • increase productivity by identifying opportunities for short and
  • long-term energy savings, increased power production profitability, and improved mill sustainability from three perspectives: economic, energy, and environmental.

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