Print Quality Services

Solving printability issues

Over 90% of paper is printed. Printing and writing papers and paperboard require specific surface characteristics to perform well in the various printing processes, from the traditional (offset lithography, flexography, and rotogravure) to digital (dry and liquid toner electrophotography, and web inkjet). FPInnovations can assist its customers with the different printability issues that occur in the pressroom.

Over the years, we have developed an extensive portfolio of tools to benchmark surface and print quality, assist in grade development, and troubleshoot pressroom problems. Printers and papermakers take advantage of our experience for issues such as the following:

  • Linting and piling
  • Ink and fountain solution problems
  • Visual quality defects
  • Paper surface defects and marks
  • Press and blanket contamination analysis
  • Paper structure: fibre/filler distribution

Your Benefits

FPInnovations' team includes experts who are well renowned in the industry. Drawing on our product research and development work, we can find science-based solutions.

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"We frequently use FPInnovations’ services for print quality problems including optical issues, linting, print through, printed mottle, skipped dots in rotogravure and press contamination issues in all types of printing. Their instrumental capabilities combined with their years of experience have helped us solve many customer complaints."

- Richard Lefebvre, Corporate Director, Product Quality, Resolute Forest Products Inc.