Pilot Tissue Machine

Most Flexible paper machine for development, optimization of process and equipment

FPInnovations makes available to the industry and to its suppliers the world's most flexible pilot tissue machine, in order to carry out confidential contracts:

  • Product evaluation and development: pulp composition, creping chemicals, multilayer sheet forming, additives, fillers, dry and wet strength, softeners and process chemicals, development of temporary wet strength
  • Process & equipment evaluation: high temperature drying, web transfer, drying energy reduction, felts and fabrics assessment, formation and retention, cleaning agents, creping blade analysis, enzymes

In working with FPInnovations, you also have access to:
  • Advanced Analysis
    • Fiber and furnish analysis
    • SEM imaging
    • Confocal microscopy
    • v2-D tissue microstructure
  • Complete optical imaging
  • Creping frequency and Intensity measurements
  • Measurement with instruments developed by FPInnovations
    • Crepe-count tester, absorption rate and capacity tester, felt permeability tester

Speed : 600-1400 m/min (impérial)
Trim : Wet (400 mm (impérial)), Dry (330mm (impérial))
Basis weight : 30 to 110 g/cm² (imperial)
Headbox: 3 plys
Stock additive : Multiple additives at various points
Conversion: Off-site conversion to the finished product can be arranged


Your Benefits

By conducting your tests on FPInnovations' pilot paper machine, you:
  • have access to an experienced team who will look after developing a test plan that will meet your needs and be adjusted along the way in order to adapt to the results obtained
  • will benefit from FPInnovations' expertise in all its fields
  • will have access to FPInnovations' ISO-certified laboratories for characterization and evaluation of the products manufactured during the testing period.
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