Paper and board runnability

Solving operational and end-use runnability issues

Ongoing runnability issues take a heavy toll on competitiveness, and have an impact on operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and the bottom line. FPInnovations specializes in getting to the root causes of complex, long-standing runnability issues for all paper and board grades:

  • Web breaks
  • Bagginess
  • Misregister—tracking—wrinkling
  • Deformed rolls
  • Corrugations
  • Crepe wrinkles & Bursts
  • Barring
  • Curl—cockling—fluting
  • Stacking and paper jams
  • Fold Cracking
Web Uniformity with FPI Roll Testing Facility (RTF)

FPInnovations specifically designed a unique tool, the Roll Testing Facility (RTF), to measure web tension profile in cross direction. FPInnovations experts use this unique information along with other high-resolution measurements from the RTF (such as grammage, moisture, caliper) to identify the causes and the solutions to customer issues. The RTF has been operating for 15 years and allowed to troubleshoot over 3,000 rolls.

Build of Rolls With RTF

Inappropriate winding can lead to an array of problems, such as crepe wrinkles, bursts, roll deformation or wrinkles. FPInnovations’ RTF also measures the Wound-Out-Tension and density of rolls and is commonly used for optimizing winding operations.

High Resolution Tapio Analysis

FPInnovations experts in papermaking can truly leverage the high resolution data from Tapio allow to pinpoint the root causes of several problems including: corrugations, wrinkling, marking in MD, calendar vibration, impact of paper machine upgrades, and coating variations. FPInnovations TAPIO is equipped with the latest technologies including fibre orientation, grammage, ash, caliper and gloss.

Strength Uniformity—M-Factor

Common industry practice to address break issues is to boost the web strength through the use of chemicals or modifications in the process and equipment. While such solutions are costly, FPInnovations proposes an innovative approach through reducing web strength variations. By implementing this approach, FPInnovations has been able to achieve significant cost saving and lightweighting initiatives at several mills. FPInnovations’ research has shown that costs reduction projects don’t need to be done through investments in new equipment. An effective way to increase web properties while reducing the use of expensive fibre is to improve the web strength uniformity. FPInnovations has developed a unique methodology and tool to assess the M-Factor.

Wet Dimensional Stability

Curl, warp, stacking issues, paper jams and cockling/fluting are complex by nature as they result from a combination of several factors such as papermaking, converting, storage and handling. FPInnovations has a solid track record and unique tools and methods for simplifying these complex issues by identifying the underlying causes and potential solutions.

Your Benefits

FPInnovations has under one roof the largest range of expertise, combined with standards and unique tools. Our experts have a detailed understanding of the specificity of your problems and can help you solve by offering customized solutions.

  • Improve paper machine runnability, meaning less downtime
  • Solve customers’ issues and complains
  • Prevent further off-spec production
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"We have often leveraged the combination of analytical services and technical expertise at FPInnovations to address end-use performance issues and to help guide our development activities. Pulp and paper operations across the industry can be well-served by embracing their unique skill set."

- Peter Ham, Technical Director, Temboard, Tembec Inc.