Paper and board converting and end-use performance

Solving complex product performance issues during converting and
at the end-use

Paper and board products are converted prior to being sent to the end use. Both converting process and end use are quite complex by nature and most of quality tests that are performed cannot explain all requirements for a smooth and acceptable performance. FPInnovations has put a unique combination of advanced analytical tools and hands-on experts to turn such complex issues that show up during the converting or at the end use, into simplified understanding of their root cause.

Continuous support from research and innovation groups, along with more than 20 dedicated testing instruments and humidity and temperature-controlled rooms, can help the industry tackle many end-use and converting issues such as:

  • Curl and warp
  • Cockling and fluting
  • Book deformation
  • Shrinkage/expansion
  • Stacking issue
  • Folding spring back
  • Fold cracking

Your Benefits

  • FPInnovations has the expertise to provide independent solutions to solve your problem and thus generate impacts of up to several million per year.
  • Upon understanding the issue, FPI experts rely on technical/scientific explanation of mechanisms of the issue so that a proper set of analysis and test will be tailored for finding the root cause.
  • In addition to be cost effective, FPI’s approach serving several industries to solve end-use and converting issues. Many of the methods used by FPInnovations are unique and developed to relate paper and board properties to their convertingna dn end-use performance.
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"Thanks to FPInnovations' assistance, we were able to evaluate the changes required to improve our products and their impacts on production costs. We were therefore in a better position to take action in the interest of both our clients and our company."

- Karyne Trudeau, Operations Manager, WestRock

"We work with FPInnovations to improve the dimensional stability of our products and to address customers’ claims. FPInnovations has unique facilities and a dedicated team that works closely with us until the problem is solved."

- François Tremblay, Technical Services Manager, Resolute Forest Products