Nutrient Reduction

Improve the performance of your Activated sludge system while reducing nutrient costs

Many North American mills are using too much nutrients in their activated sludge system. Our research shows that with the support of qualified experts it is possible to reach an optimized dose of nutrients while improving the performance of the system. The approach developed at FPInnovations, allow gradual reductions of the amount of nutrients being used until an optimal dosage is reached.

Every reduction decision is based on scientific evidences that the reduction will not generate negative impacts on the system’s health and productivity. Polyphosphate amassing organisms that accumulates up to 6% of phosphorus.

FPInnovations’ unique method allows to reduce operating costs. Savings up to $500,000 per year have been achieved with no capital investment needed. Based on FPInnovations expertise and measurements, this method reduces disposal and landfilling costs.