NIR Biomass Sensor

Measure biomass (chips and hog fuel) moisture content and temperature with on-line over-the-conveyor sensor

Our low maintenance, non-contacting, over-the-conveyor installation, will allow you to get a high frequency real-time output (1 minute updates) of high accuracy (±1.5% for chips, ±2.0% for hog).

Your Benefits

Potential benefits include:
  • On-line measurement of biomass dry mass flow rate (when combined with total mass flow rate measurement)
  • Dry chip feedrate control of continuous digesters and power boilers
For the digester
  • Digester pulp production rate stabilization and production increase
  • Improved control of digester EA-to-wood and liquor-to-wood ratios
  • Reduced Kappa number variability
For the power boiler
  • Early detection and intervention for high biomass MC events
  • Reduction of power boiler instability
  • More reliable and profitable power production
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