Near Neutral Brightening (NNB)

Reduce the overall chemical consumption while improving brightness stability

FPInnovations’ NNB technology improves the efficiency of chlorine dioxide bleaching. The application adds carbon dioxide to the alkaline pulp, or sodium carbonate to acidic pulp, generating in situ sodium bicarbonate, which brings and maintains a near neutral pH to the system. This maximizes the efficiency of chlorine dioxide, the bleaching agent. This technology applies to hardwood, softwood and sawdust kraft pulps. It is applicable to 3-, 4- and 5-stages bleaching, with or without O2 delignification.

Your Benefits

As a proven technology with 12 commercial installations in North America, the Near Neutral Brightening technology has demonstrated the following benefits:
  • Savings of Chlorine dioxide: up to $5/ton in their bleaching stages
  • More robust operation—decreased final brightness variability and improved final brightness stability
  • Lowering operating cost for CO2 buffering
  • Eliminating the need for antichlor

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