Licensing partners

FPInnovations signs licensing agreements with numerous companies, authorizing exclusive use of processes or technologies developed by FPInnovations scientists. The organization also sets up joint ventures that allow partners to share in both the risks associated with R&D and the resulting scientific, technological and financial rewards.

Our Licensing and Ventures group is responsible for patents, technology licenses, strategic research alliances and new venture development for FPInnovations. 

Companies that have signed licensing agreements with FPInnovations

Company Technology
AEF Global WoodDry
Autolog Saptek
BASF Highly filled papers, using latex
Castonguay Electronics MultiDat software
Chempro Paper additive Technology-Microbiological Chitosan
Eco-Tec GAP System / PDP System
EKA Chemicals Canada Inc. Near Neutral Deinking S-QUAD
FITNIR Analyzers Inc. FITNIR Analyzer / FITNIR Kappa
Kemira Chemicals PEO Cofactor
Metso Automation Refiner Control Technology
NORAM Engineering & Constructors Paprilox / Papricycle / Lignin Recovery Technology / PDP System / GAP System
Optest Equipment Inc. Autofeeder / FQA / Paprispec / Posidex / Micro Scanner
Premier Gear & Machine works Veneer Incising
PulpEye Fiber Wall Thickness (FWT) determination technology
Sandvik New corrosion resistant alloy for boiler tubes
SCS Forest Products Inc. DryTrend
Séchoir MEC Inc Precision Drying
SMI Specialty Minerals Highly Filled Paper
Technidyne FPAutospeck / FPMonitair
TEXO Consulting & Controls Inc. Control Technologies / Advanced Bleached Plant / Lime Kiln Technology / ClO2 Generator Control
Westmill Machine Technology used in moisture mapping