Latex-Treated Paper Filler

Filler Enhancements for Papermaking Applications

FPInnovations has developed a new technology to increase the filler content of filled paper and paperboard; reducing the manufacturing costs of these products without sacrificing paper properties like composite strength, porosity, hydrophobicity, and smoothness.

This process rapidly fixates latex to filler particles, allowing the filler content of paper and paperboard to be increased without increasing the cost of retention aid chemicals. Lab tests have shown that using these latex-treated filler particles improves the internal bond strength and breaking length of the manufactured paper, some of the primary factors that currently limit the amount of filler that can be used.

Your Benefits

  • Increasing of the filler content of filled paper and paperboard
  • Maintaining of the desired paper properties
  • Reducing of the manufacturing costs
  • Reducing of the need for retention aid chemicals
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