FT-NIR Liquor Analyzer

Reduce costs, increase process efficiency and product quality with
on-line sensors

The lack of on-line sensors for key process variables and product quality attributes has hampered the development of process control strategies needed to reduce costs and increase process efficiency and product quality.

Our optically based Fourier transforms near-infrared (FT-NIR) technology uses the unique spectral signature generated by the absorption of light through a process liquor to simultaneously determine the concentration of liquor chemical constituents. FITNIR Analyzers Inc. is the exclusive global distributor of FITNIR Online and FITNIR Benchtop, which are based on this technology.
To date, over 40 FT-NIR-based analyzer installations have been applied to
continuous digesters, causticizing plants, recovery boilers, chlorine dioxide
generators, and brownstock washers, driving process control strategies to
optimize pulp mill operations.