Wood Yards

Improving Overall Wood Yard Performance

FPInnovations offers services and expert advice regarding several aspects of wood yards.

Yard Surfacing and Roads

FPInnovations can provide advice regarding yard surface upgrading in order to improve the mobile equipment productivity in the yard. Our specialists cover various topics, including:

  • Security inspection;
  • Sediment and erosion control;
  • Structural design;
  • Surface analysis, servicing and upgrade; and
  • Wetlands and drainage.

Mobile Equipment Monitoring

By using FPDat, MultiDATs, and other datalogger devices, FPInnovations can monitor mobile equipment and benchmark KPIs such as percentage utilisation, average distance per day, maximum speed, idling time, unproductive time versus productive time, etc.

Operation Logistics
Using the latest technology in simulation and decision- support systems, FPInnovations will help you better manage your yard inventory (diameter distribution, storage, and mill infeed decisions) for an optimal sawmill log diet.

Your Benefits

  • Improved mobile equipment productivity in the yard;
  • Increased yard access reliability (e.g., wet conditions, spring);
  • Improved stacked wood and finished product quality;
  • Improved long-term performance and reduced maintenance costs;
  • Ability to feed a consistent and optimal log diet into the sawmill that reflects the available fibre supply and sawmill demand and manufacturing capability;
  • The potential to cut yard costs by as much as 10% and to increase fibre recovery by 5%;
  • Savings of $0.50/m3 through reduced travel time and distances; and
  • Annual operating cost reduction of $300 K to $500 K through increased machine utilization.

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