Wood Supply Costs (FPInterface)

Modelling the cost of forest operations (spatially explicit)

FPInterfaceTM is mature and stable software developed by FPInnovations and specially designed for the Canadian forest industry. It predicts the productivity, cost and value of wood products delivered to customers directly from forest maps. FPInterfaceTM comprises several modules. Depending on your goals, the software quickly produces a highly detailed model of your operations and compares several scenarios for your harvesting activities, including products relating to energy, road construction and maintenance, wood transport, and regeneration practices. FPInnovations’ studies and models that are integrated into FPInterfaceTM can predict a host of information based on local forest conditions and road network characteristics. The FPInterfaceTM platform also works with other FPInnovations solutions for value chain analyses and processing simulations.

Your Benefits

Accurate Estimates of Operational Costs
Since it is based on forest mensuration data from the stands to be harvested and on the harvesting systems used, FPInterfaceTM is able to give you an accurate cost estimate. This estimate will be adjusted according to planning changes and customer needs. This information is also very useful for negotiating contracts, projecting cash flow, and much more.

Increased Efficiency

Save valuable time by quickly obtaining all required forest and operational data. With just one click, obtain reports with information you need to make informed decisions.

Compare Scenarios

The productivity and costs provided by FPInterfaceTM enable you to quickly and clearly establish the lowest-cost harvesting system. It can also produce impact analyses following changes in equipment, cost hypotheses, products, and even plans.

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