Vehicle Dynamics and Stability / High-capacity Configurations

Ensuring new configurations provide both higher payloads and increased safety

Thinking of introducing a new truck configuration? Want to examine the safety of your existing trucks? FPInnovations has the expertise and knowledge to determine whether a truck configuration meets the standard truck stability performance indicators used by provincial regulators. Typically, performance requirements vary across Canada, but FPInnovations has worked with most provinces to obtain new configuration approvals and can guide you through the current requirements for your specific province. FPInnovations has a unique combination of expertise and experience to support the implementation of new truck configurations based on scientific evidence:

  • Vehicle dynamics and safety assessment;
  • Close work with industry, government, and other stakeholders to develop projects that will ultimately allow the use of new trucks configurations with a higher payload; and
  • Vehicle dynamics analysis services for clients in other resource sectors (oil and gas, mining).

Your Benefits

Determine the technical merits and challenges of your configuration request prior to approaching regulators;
Address and resolve technical issues prior to initiating the regulatory process, thereby saving you time and money; and Safely maximize payloads and decrease energy intensity.

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The introduction of the 9-axle configuration in BC that generates savings of $2/m³ transported for the forest sector is an example of a past success.