Value-based Timber Supply Analysis (NCCruise)

Predicting product value and volume from a stand

NCCruise, a model that combines standard cruising with specific log sort descriptions, generates improved predictions of the anticipated product distribution in stands by species and grade. This model assists in the evaluation of the economic operability of stands under current and future market conditions, enhancing a forestry company’s decision making with respect to harvest planning, product combination optimization, and future investment planning.

  • Specially designed for stands with high variability, where a large number of products will be manufactured;
  • Computes the distribution of wood volume by species and end-use sorts, including sawlogs, pulpwood, and biomass;
  • Calculates biomass in the form of tops, non-merchantable wood, and small trees;
  • Accounts for wood loss in volume predictions due to defects such as checks and root rot; and
  • Determines maximum value bucking patterns for stems using an optimization algorithm.

Your Benefits

Using NCCruise to produce an inventory of log sorts before harvest can save a forestry company as much as $0.40/m³.