Technical Support for Steep Slope Harvesting

Help to implement efficient and safe practices on steep terrain

technical-support-for-steep-slope-harvesting-01.jpgFPInnovations can help overcome the challenges of steep terrain harvesting with new technology, using several different approaches:

  • Information on new techniques and technologies;
  • Equipment assessments with a focus on winch-assist systems; and
  • Best management practices that provide due diligence.

Your Benefits


“FPInnovations has been extremely helpful through their steep slope initiative, helping us get our winch-assist logging systems up and running across our operations. They assisted us by providing a variety of technical information, productivity studies, and promotional presentations. We now have 14 winch-assist machines across our operations, which allows us to safely access fibre on steep terrain, and has positioned us as a leader in steep slope technology.”

- Matt Campbell, Canfor, February 2018