Road Design, Construction, and Maintenance

How roads should be designed to ensure safety and maximize productivity

road-design-construction-and-maintenance-01.jpgThe experts at FPInnovations have been finding solutions for low-volume road construction for more than 30 years. We offer extensive skills and solutions for all road construction phases, be it selecting the right equipment, determining the most efficient construction techniques, or identifying sectors where productivity could be increased. Together, we can assess all of your road construction techniques and suggest new technologies and methods. With its extensive road maintenance knowledge, FPInnovations:

  • has the know-how needed to structurally design unpaved roads to ensure long-term road network performance and user satisfaction;
  • can recommend optimal granular materials and specifications for every application;
  • can recommend road surface stabilization and dust control products to reduce maintenance costs and improve safety and productivity for industrial users and the public;
  • helps to develop maintenance cost-sharing agreements and models for road user groups; and
  • has expertise in pavement design using geosynthetic products.

Your Benefits

Increase your road network performance (reduced construction and maintenance costs and greater transportation efficiency);
Increase user safety; and
Extend the useful life of roads.

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