Return-to-Log Tool (WoodValue)

What is the net value of a
given forest stand?

WoodValue is a decision-making support tool that assesses the net value of a volume of wood, taking into account the supply chain from standing trees to sawmill discharge. It looks at forest operation and mill processing costs and revenue simulated by type of product. Developed from existing FPInterface and Optitek software, WoodValue was designed to allow users to simulate their operation’s costs and revenue in under 15 minutes. It’s user-friendly and requires no knowledge of geographical information systems (GIS). It contains an exhaustive database on several forest and wood processing operations. Users can input their own data.

Your Benefits

WoodValue is useful for assessing harvest blocks put up for auction and the cost and revenue of any harvest block or cut area. It is suitable for assessing the best wood destination should a company own several mills throughout a territory. It optimizes profits, taking into account several forest operations criteria, including supply distance, while respecting each mill’s configuration, such as yield and sawing pattern.

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