Pre-feasability Study for Bioenergy Systems

Assessment of wood supply and energy production units

Pre-feasability study for producing energy from biomass

Forest biomass is becoming increasingly interesting in remote or rural communities, in institutional heating, and in other small-scale applications.

FPInnovations can offer holistic solutions from supply chain design to bioenergy system scaling in order to meet the needs of various users.

Your Benefits

Leverage FPI's expertise in the implementation of multiple bioenergy projects applied to your specific context.


"FPInnovations provided valuable guidelines on the viability of a bioenergy system at the West Chilcotin Forest Products (WCFP) sawmill in Anahim Lake, BC, and identified feasible solutions to several of WCFP's most serious challenges: disposal of wood waste, the high cost of electricity, and the need to kiln dry lumber."

- Cameron Beck, Director

The Québec Federation of Forestry Cooperatives completed a research and field trial project on supply chains for local forest biomass boiler projects. FPInnovations was a lead partner in ahcieving the objectives, making a technical and financial contribution."

– Eugène Gagné, Assistant Director

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