Partial Cut Implementation

Providing operational solutions to conduct partial cuts

Partial-cut treatments can offer fibre-harvesting opportunities in situations with various constraints, e.g., wildlife habitat management, need for harmonization, adjusting age-class structure imbalances, etc.

FPInnovations can provide innovative guidelines on various partial-cut treatments, often by using existing harvesting equipment.

Your Benefits

The techniques put forward by FPInnovations show that partial cuts are possible without massive cost increases compared to traditional approaches and that they allow for better-adjusted wood flows. Costs reduced by 3 to 5 $/m³ have already been measured during forest trials.

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“The use of partial-cut methods in the forests we manage increases the wood volume harvested, thus ensuring our operations’ viability. Commercial thinning allows us to easily take up new challenges. We are constantly on the lookout for innovations to ensure that we reach our forestry and economic goals."
- Richard Caissy, Gestion Forestière Lacroix, February 2018

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