Log Truck Fleet Optimization

Finding the right mix of trucks and configurations to better meet your needs

Finding the right trucks for a given operation can yield significant reductions in transportation costs. Optimizing truck and trailer tare weights will result in larger payloads. Matching the right type of configuration to log products and harvesting methods can increase overall synergies. Transport regulations have evolved as industry and government work to improve the safety and productivity of log hauling operations. Incorporating some of these changes into operations can yield productivity increases and reduce log transportation costs. There are several levels of service available, from reviewing the specifications of existing trucks to conducting an in-depth review of trucking operations, and looking for opportunities to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

  • Right equipment for the work to be done: truck specification review;
  • Benchmarking against leaders;
  • Reducing fuel consumption;
  • Training; and
  • Potential of multimodal options.

Your Benefits

Transportation costs reduced by as much as 10%;
Reduced energy intensity (L/t);
Higher capacity = Greater payload per trip; and
Optimized fleet size.

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