Improve Feedstock Quality

Ensuring biomass-using facilities receive the highest-quality feedstock

improve-feedstock-quality-01.jpgWith biomass, quality is key (moisture content, size distribution, contaminants, etc.). FPInnovations has developed drying, handling, and storage expertise to preserve and improve the quality of biomass and match it to the selected conversion technology.

The focus is on quality and techniques to reduce moisture content, fire risk, and dry matter loss:

  • Reducing transportation costs; and
  • Better end-use performance.

Your Benefits

A facility consuming 250,000 oven-dry tonnes (odt) of biomass per year at 50% moisture content can generate savings of more than $1 million by reducing biomass moisture content by 5%.

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“FPInnovations’ staff are knowledgeable and collaborative as well as experienced in successfully developing and implementing projects. FPInnovations has improved our biomass management knowledge and business results. Completed and on-going research has given us a better understanding of biomass value, and has rationalized production and procurement schedules, and management of all fuel types for optimal usage."

- Marc Dubé, Development Manager