FPDat and FPTrak

Telematics platform for tracking forestry equipment

FPDatTM is a tool designed to collect and analyze information on machine performance and productivity. It is a heavy-duty device capable of withstanding difficult conditions such as those in which forest, mining and farming equipment operates. Now available in a new version called FPDat II, this data logger and associated mobile device system collects and analyzes data on production activities and provides the operator and managers with real-time feedback on performance, productivity and costs.

FPDat II is part of the FPSuite telematics platform. Data are automatically transferred by cellular or satellite modem (FPCom) to the FPTrak monitoring platform. FPTrak tracks the progress and performance of operations through several reports and a mapping module, and can perform several in-depth analyses. Automated reports (sent by email) are available to reduce data analysis time and rapidly identify problems.

Your Benefits

  • Better tracking of costs, machine use, causes of downtime, and harvested areas;
  • Excellent navigation system suited to forest operations; and
  • User-friendly, thanks to automated reports and exports

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