Forest Operation Diagnostics

Obtaining an external perspective on opportunities to improve your operations

FPInnovations can support a continuous improvement program by providing an external
and independent assessment of forest operations:

  • Qualitative and quantitative benchmarking;
  • Data acquisition and monitoring;
  • Training; and
  • Recommendations to improve quality, productivity, and utilization.
Contractor-specific evaluation of: 
  • Machine productivity (by logging phase);
  • Phase interactions;
  • On-site maintenance and repair operations;
  • Product quality, environmental performance;
  • Human resource awareness; and
  • Financial awareness.
  • Senior FPInnovations staff observe contractor work sites by:
  • Conducting individual machine productivity studies (for evaluation purposes only);
  • Conducting staff interviews (all levels);
  • Observing and evaluating logging phase interactions;
  • Assessing the service and repair infrastructure;
  • Conducting a variety of field measurements as required (i.e. scaling, mapping, stand inventory); and
  • Conducting a proxy evaluation of machine utilization when possible.


“FPInnovations had done a diagnostic analysis at our operation. We have found it incredibly helpful. Their pertinent observations provided us with helpful insight into bettering our production and utilization. They were very practical and hands on. This has provided us with some important tools to overcome obstacles and to continue to move forward in our business. I cannot say enough good things about FPInnovations’ time at our operation. It was definitely very timely and insightful.‎”

- Steve Henderson, Logging Contractor