Efficient Biomass Supply Chain Design

Obtain a supply chain analysis tailored to local conditions

Be it full-tree or cut-to length harvesting, FPInnovations has the tools and expertise to find the right harvesting and transportation solutions for setting up an efficient forest biomass supply chain tailored to your specific operating conditions:

  • Best product mix identification;
  • Biomass inventory studies;
  • Improved logistics;
  • Best equipment; and
  • Equipment and productivity evaluations.

This GIS-based software tool is specifically designed to simulate all activities in the forest supply chain. FPInterfaceTM produces a highly detailed model of your operations and quickly compares several scenarios for your harvesting, wood transport, and regeneration practices. An integrated biomass module provides supply and cost estimates based on your operations. A carbon-balance module is also available.

A web-based application to facilitate the conversion of traditional selling units of biomass into energy.

Your Benefits

Using FPInnovations helps to show potential investors that due diligence has been followed in establishing a viable supply chain for a given project. FPInnovations’ tools provide a detailed cost and supply analysis for your specific project, facilitating decision-making and ROI calculations.


“The fibre analysis conducted by FPInnovations in Nova Scotia has provided key information that has helped attract commercial interest from new bioresource users and has been valuable in de-risking planned investments by these businesses in the province.”
- Rod Badcock, Principal Partner, BioApplied