Biomass Supply and Cost Assessments

Tailored solutions for cost-competitive supply of forest biomass

​'FPInnovations has developed a range of tools to assist our clients in analyzing the cost and availability of forest biomass from different sources such as harvest residues, burnt and insect-killed stems, FireSmart treatments, or thinnings.

  • Assess available biomass, location and cost;
  • Conduct biomass inventory studies;
  • Conduct a supply chain techno-economic analysis; and
  • Conduct feasibility case studies, including biomass supply and cost assessments.

Your Benefits

This tool can help you meet your investment due diligence. Confidently assess recoverable fibre at the stump and roadside that is readily available to supply the bio- and low-carbon economy. Adjust plant scale based on a solid procurement analysis that decreases investment risk and increases project attractiveness to investors.

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“We needed accurate and reliable biomass supply information and calculations for our ambitious and complex project to install Canada’s first forest biorefinery. FPInnovations’ teams exceeded our expectations, in a framework of an open, efficient partnership. 
- Patrice Bergeron, Chairman of the Board, and Patrice Mangin, CEO, BioEnergy La Tuque