Non-Standard testing

Take advantage of FPInnovations’ unique and state-of-the-art facilities for your testing needs

Emerging technologies demands new knowledge on materials for plant construction and data that is specific to those new process conditions. 

Our Corrosion Group can simulate aqueous and high temperature environments in order to assess material performance in specific conditions. We are capable of performing experiments in process-simulated aqueous conditions at temperatures as high as 200 °C. Electrochemical techniques have been accepted by ASTM as a method to study the corrosion phenomenon, and they have been utilized in numerous journal publications. Our electrochemical laboratory utilizes multiple autoclaves that are used to simulate industrial process conditions, induce environmental assisted cracking, and to better understand the corrosion resistance of specific alloys. 

Our facilities allow for experiments related to gaseous chemical, molten metal, and molten salt corrosion. The fume hood at FPInnovations includes both tube and muffle furnaces that can be used to simulate field conditions. Our state-of-the-art gas delivery system can deliver accurate gas mixtures and handle toxic elements safely.

Your Benefits

Material performance data for new processes are often unavailable or simply do not exist. In these cases, non-standard testing can be used to generate material insight and knowledge for established and emerging technologies.
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