Coating formulation development and optimization

Optimize coating formulations quickly

Developing a new coating formulation or optimizing an existing one to maintain performance while reducing costs has always been a challenge, as this usually requires time-consuming and costly laboratory and pilot trials. FPInnovations has developed a unique approach and software tool which incorporate a customized set of design of experiments.

With a limited number of laboratory trials, the optimum coating formulation can be identified in terms of both performance and cost. CoatlabTM is ideal for optimizing target properties such as brightness, gloss or surface strength. It has often been used for cost optimization, namely to reduce binder content and optimize pigment ratios.

Your Benefits

  • Major tool used for the development of a new line of coated board with higher whiteness and brightness properties
  • Optimization of the pre-coat brought savings up to 0.7M$ per year
  • The software has been expanded to include the effect of base sheet composition to solve recurrent complains regarding printability issues, mottle and graininess propensity for LWC coated paper grades.
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"With the help of FPInnovations and CoatlabTM, we were able to skip pilot coating trials and go straight to paper machine trials to achieve our product quality improvement targets, saving a significant amount of time and cost."

- Peter Ham, Technical Director, Temboard, Tembec Inc.