CLO2 Generator Control

GEN-X: Optimize the conversion of chlorate to chlorine dioxide

Using first order model originally developed by FPInnovations, the liquor composition is stoichiometrically ratioed to optimize the conversion of chlorate to chlorine dioxide by integrating lab test or analyzer signal of chlorate and acid residual. GEN-X applies to any methanol, SO2 or peroxyde based CLO2 generator with or without acid recirculation. GEN-X is deployed under license directly into any mill DCS.

The GEN-X suite offered by Texo Consulting & Controls comprises of several modules:

  • RATIO of chemical feeds
  • Mechanistic LEVEL control
  • LIQUOR composition control of chlorate and acid residual (FPInnovations)
  • PRODUCTION rate control with ALeX (FPInnovations)
  • Acid RECIRCATION control
  • ABSORPTION control
  • Chlorine dioxide generator advanced control (GEN-X LIQUOR and ALeX-PRODUCTION)