Chemical Analysis and Microscopy

Delivering the highest value to our clients, from basic testing to addressing complex issues.

FPInnovations’ Chemical Analysis and Microscopy group provides customized technical services, resolution of process- and quality-related problems, support in development of new products, and unbiased expertise for settling customer disputes.

We resolve these issues by drawing on our depth of expertise, and use specially designed analytical schemes and instrumental techniques, including FTIR spectroscopy, ion chromatography, inductively coupled plasma (ICP-OES), pyrolysis/GC/MS, field emission scanning electron microscopy (FESEM), X-ray (EDS) analysis, and light microscopy.

  • Diagnosis of deposit, scaling, and contaminant problems
  • Molecular weight distribution
  • Characterization of products such as lignin, black liquor, cellulose
  • Nanocrystals, and bio-oils
  • Analysis of additives and assessment of their impact
  • Analysis of odours in end-use products

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FPInnovations' team includes specialists renowned in the industry for their cutting-edge expertise in the field. In working with FPInnovations, you have access to a wide range of professionals covering all areas of expertise in the sector.

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"We used some of FPInnovations’ specialized testing services such as microscopy/image analysis as well as chemical analysis for our R&D projects. The results from such analyses were very helpful to us in getting new insights into the impact of mechanical and chemical treatments on fibre development and properties. I also found the staff at FPInnovations to be knowledgeable and easy to work with."

- Eric Xu, Ph.D., Andritz pilot plant manager