Causticizing plant control

Achieve accurate lime dosage control

Poor control of the causticizing process may lead to a host of operating problems including, but not limited to, increased energy consumption and chemical losses, reduced equipment capacity, low mud settling rates, free-lime in white liquor, increased digester and evaporator scaling, and low lime kiln thermal efficiency.

Our causticizing control system combines on-line liquor composition measurements FITNIR Analyzers Inc. and model-based inferencing of lime quality to achieve accurate lime dosage control. Lime addition is determined by stoichiometry where the clarified green liquor flow and chemical composition, inferred lime quality, and white liquor causticity targets are inputs. The lime quality estimator is based on a high-fidelity kinetic-dynamic model of the causticizing process. TEXO Consulting & Controls Inc. is the exclusive licensee of CAUST-X, which has 10 applications to date.