Avoiding corrosion with material selection

Reduce and prevent negative impacts from corrosion

An unexpected shutdown at a mill can cost millions of dollars per day if a key component fails and requires repair. The cost of an unexpected shutdown is a function of lost revenue and obligates resources to be rushed to the site.

There is significant savings in annual maintenance and a revenue boost in the long run if a mill can operate 12 to 18 months between scheduled outages with confidence. FPInnovations has developed an in deep understanding of corrosion mechanisms and can provide independent recommendations to reduce the risks of failures due to corrosion and, therefore, extent the period between shutdowns:

Audit of fixed equipment inspection and inspection practices may identify areas where industry’s best practices can be applied.

Your Benefits

Proper material selection is the most cost-effective solutions to maximize technical and corrosion performance of your assets. Selecting the proper alloy for an application can prevent future corrosion and translate into significant savings by reducing the cost of future maintenance and unplanned shutdowns.

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