Advanced Tissue Characterization

The most advanced techniques for tissue evaluation

Understand the relative contribution of the different components of softness, in order to troubleshoot and enhance current products. The handfeel panel provides an absolutely comparative results among samples (as opposed to the TSA that can give different results based on different algorithms) However, it isn’t sufficient to simply know how soft your product is compared to the competition; understanding why is the first step to enhancing your quality. This characterization includes a benchmarking study for absorption.

Comprehensive study and report analyzing the characteristics of the fibre, sheet structure and chemicals on 7 samples:

  • Fibre analysis (species, pulp type and fibre quality analysis)
  • Chemical analysis (IR analysis for creping chemicals or lotions)
  • Physical testing (stiffness, tensile, stretch, grammage, bulk, moisture)
  • Surface analysis
  • Absorbency—Using FPInnovations’ unique absorbency measuring device.