Wildfire Operations

Delivering practical solutions to issues affecting the wilderness firefighting community.

Working with both industry and government, Wildfire Operations does research on issues facing wildfire management experts in both prevention and in dealing with wildland fires. Research is concentrated around seven main themes: aviation logistics and operations, community protection, fire detection, equipment evaluation and design, fire and forest management, fire and linear features and firefighter safety. Specifically, Wildfire Operations seeks to:

  • partner with members to enable innovation and continuous improvement within their organization. This is done by delivering projects chosen by members in a timely, economical and relevant manner, and then helping them adopt solutions specific to their needs;
  • support member organizations during extreme fire events by providing certified command personnel and expertise;
  • adapt knowledge developed elsewhere to respond to member issues and influence the wider research community, including universities, to undertake projects that address knowledge gaps.

Wildfire Operations is committed to providing research and support to reduce the negative impacts of wildfires across Canada. Its efforts aim not just to reduce damage to valuable forest fibre, but also to protect the environment, the people and communities living near this resource and the lives of those who fight forest fires.

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