Secondary Wood Products Manufacturing

Providing research, development and technical support for secondary wood products manufacturers to enable them to effectively produce and market wood-based products and construction materials.

Focusing on consumer demand, the Secondary Wood Products Manufacturing program works with value-added wood producers to support and grow this sector of the forest industry. Research targets product development and manufacturing improvements. It also aims to raise awareness within the construction industry of the attributes of the growing number of available wood-based options for building materials.

Products in this sector include appearance wood products (flooring, cabinets, furniture, millwork, siding, shakes/shingles), remanufactured products, prefabricated structural building products (trusses, walls, floors, structural insulated panels) and other building materials. Always with the aim of growing the sector, the Secondary Wood Products Manufacturing program is divided into three main areas:

  • Product development and marketing
    Improving performance and properties, modification and development to help secondary manufacturing companies make more appealing offerings of their wood products and materials.
  • Process improvements and logistics
    Enhancing manufacturing processes (including the implementation of lean manufacturing practices), from a log’s arrival at the mill to the sale of the final product, to help secondary manufacturing companies become more competitive.
  • Building functions and attributes
    Promoting construction industry awareness of the available wood-based options. This includes an understanding of the impact of these products and systems on occupant comfort and sustainable development.

Moving beyond Canada’s traditional role as a resource economy, the Secondary Wood Products Manufacturing program seeks to help businesses draw the maximum value from wood, through the ever-increasing use of this sustainable and economically viable material.

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