Resource Assessment

Building the tools and technologies to identify wood fibre characteristics and their location as well as grow improved fibre to optimize the sustainability and economics of the forest sector.

To make the most of available forest fibre and improve future fibre, Resource Assessment research identifies the specific characteristics of wood fibre within the forest inventory, developing the technologies to grow better fibre and make better decisions. By providing fibre location and specifics early in the value chain, improved business decisions can be made for a greater competitive advantage. More specifically, these efforts include:

  • Developing tools and techniques to improve and incorporate fibre data into forest inventory planning so better decisions can be implemented earlier in the procurement cycle, resulting in a more competitive and sustainable industry. Internal and external fibre characteristics (for example: piece size, fibre length) are modeled connecting fibre attributes to tree, stand, and ecological site characteristics. This Enhanced Forest Inventory (EFI) will be used along with existing decision-making platforms such as FPInterface™, linking critical downstream decisions with the upstream resource.
  • Using the sciences of genetics and genomics to efficiently select and grow trees, plantations, and forests with known future characteristics to sustainably produce desirable fibre. Forest managers are provided with the tools to confidently choose the desirable traits and characteristics they want in their future forests, balancing future gains and future risks to sustainably provide desirable fibre for a more competitive forest sector.
  • Decision Support for enhancing industry competitiveness: developing efficient tools, techniques and products that link with existing tools within FPInnovations, and developing applied research methods, including silvicultural systems, to optimize forest management decisions, at the strategic, tactical and operational levels.

A thorough knowledge of wood fibre characteristics from its source to its various end uses is an indispensable basis for an economically and environmentally sustainable Canadian forest industry. As this research progresses, it will help fine-tune the economics of the industry.