Primary Wood Products Manufacturing

Providing applied research, company-specific confidential services, and technical support to Canada’s lumber and engineered wood producers through two Primary Wood Products Manufacturing program components: Lumber Manufacturing and Engineered Wood Products (EWP) Manufacturing.

The Primary Wood Products Manufacturing program is focused on improving the efficiency and competitiveness of Canada’s lumber and engineered wood producers. Projects are selected on short-, medium- and long-term high-impact criteria aimed at reducing value loss and manufacturing costs, streamlining manufacturing processes, increasing volume recovery, and developing next-generation machine and process innovations. The program also explores new products and processes to address new opportunities and challenges in the construction industry.

Knowledge in these areas is developed, adapted and transferred by Primary Wood Products Manufacturing to its industry members and clients through research projects and publications, in-mill work, and training/workshops on topics such as:

  • scanners and sensing, to maximize the performance of existing systems and develop new technologies to improve speed and precision;
  • modeling and optimization, to provide operational and tactical decision-support systems and improve strategic decision-making in the lumber and EWP manufacturing hub;
  • energy, to provide methods and tools to assess energy efficiency in manufacturing and develop innovative ways to reduce and optimize energy use;
  • process control, to develop systems to monitor manufacturing processes and provide process control information;
  • quality assurance, to benchmark performance, offer best practice targets, and provide systems for tracking and trending.

Among the research performed under the Engineered Wood Products Manufacturing component of the program, let’s mention adhesive development to enhance product performance and reduce manufacturing costs – an important area for the EWP industry. As for the Lumber Manufacturing component, its areas of focus include, for example, the development of tools, information and workshops to support the industry in its workforce transition.

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