Paper, Packaging and Consumer Products

Addressing technical needs and providing technical and market support to member companies who manufacture printing and writing papers, packaging, and consumer products.

The Paper, Packaging and Consumer Products (PPCP) program focuses on developing knowledge, tools and technology platforms to support member companies to improve their manufacturing efficiency and reduce production costs. PPCP also has activities aimed at developing new products, adding unique value to member companies’ product lines, and achieving market diversification. A 5-year research strategy targets significant cost reduction by developing and implementing new technologies and optimization tools. As well, PPCP explores innovative applications for paper products, such as substrates for printed electronics and green barrier packaging.

The PPCP’s Web and Roll Testing Centre provides unique testing facilities and services for member companies. With expertise built on many years of fundamental research and real-world experience, many product performance problems can be diagnosed and solved. Over 100 mills in North America have used these services for troubleshooting product quality and end-use performance issues.

The technologies developed by PPCP that are now ready for mill implementation include:

  • refiner control that helps reduce energy use and pulp variability in thermomechanical pulp production;
  • filler treatment technologies that increase filler content while maintaining paper strength;
  • COATLAB™ software, which reduce coating cost while maintaining performance by optimizing coating formulations;
  • PapTune™ software, monitoring tools and expertise for paper machine and pressroom runnability optimization;
  • FPAutospeck™ that monitors stickies on line in recycling mill.

Paper, Packaging and Consumer Products also provides testing and consulting services to both member and non-member companies for troubleshooting, product benchmarking and optimization, product performance improvement, and new product development.