Remote Sensing


Recent developments in remote sensing have shown huge potential to produce detailed accurate terrain information and enhance forest inventory for more meaningful operational planning, block engineering and individual stand level decisions. Growing availability of LiDAR coverage, small drones for civil applications and new satellite constellations with daily high resolution revisits are improving significantly the potential responsiveness of remote sensing for operational decision, compliance monitoring and even for assisted machine control.

The remote sensing team is developing solutions for forestry applications. Timely accurate acquisition and automated processing is crucial for efficient operational planning and compliance monitoring.

Research themes:

  • Monitoring of operations and tracking methods
  • Drone and emerging sensor applications
  • Forest health monitoring with direct impacts to operational issues
  • Non-contact product inventory control methods
  • Enhanced forest inventory (close collaboration with CWFC and AWARE program)
  • Testing potential applications of new satellite technologies
  • Computer vision for automated assistance of machine operators