Modeling & Decision Support


The focus of the team is to help industry clients generate more value from their wood basket based on fibre quality, product flow, supply chain agility and manufacturing process by implementing value chain concepts at the operational, tactical and strategic levels, and developing decision-support tools driven by market needs.

The MDS team has a core expertise in industrial engineering, systems optimization & simulation, and operations research related to forest engineering and wood manufacturing operations. It fosters a team approach to solve complex issues.

Research themes: Better Fibre Allocation

  • Sending the right fibre to the right manufacturing capacity
  • Fibre inventory and geostatistics mapping
  • Value-based planning tools
  • Maximize fibre yield
  • Optimize sorting and bucking decisions
Better Fibre Flow

  • Trucks, drivers and multimodal logistics planning
  • Efficient fibre flow for better management of inventory
  • Improve fibre traceability through the supply chain for better decision support
  • Sorting, handling and storage logistics
Better Agility

  • Maximize end products value through better network decisions
  • React quickly to customer demands, market or supply disturbances
  • Optimize local processes with the upstream and downstream
  • Develop flexible manufacturing and transportation network
Better Manufacturing Decisions

  • Maximize efficiency and throughput
  • Data analytics for monitoring, control and systems optimization
  • Reduce manufacturing, transportation and handling costs
  • Optimized planning and scheduling
  • Advanced tools for yard management
  • Reduce risk of business decisions