Focus Area

Durability and Energy Efficiency


Our leading team of researchers are developing methods and technologies that would improve the durability and energy efficiency of wood building systems. We’re dedicated to help maintain and increase the market for wood-based construction products in the face of rapidly changing energy codes and improving confidence in wood as a durable material as we move towards an era of taller and larger wood buildings.

Our Services:

In addition to research, we provide a wide range of services to assist architects, engineers, producers, builders, and contractors, including:

  • Assess physical properties (e.g., water absorption, vapour/air permeance, and drying performance) of innovative wood products for construction use
  • Calibration of sensors/tools for measuring wood moisture content and other parameters
  • Generate performance data of wood-based building envelope systems on:
    • Moisture performance during construction and in service
    • Energy efficiency
    • Shrinkage and differential movement

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