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FPInnovations develops leading-edge technologies to help companies in the forest industry optimize resource usage, improve performance and reduce operating costs. Find out a few of the major advances here.


An integrated process control platform for forestry operations. FPSuite includes three modules which can improve the efficiency and reduce the costs of many aspects of forest operations. These modules can also be used separately, with other data sources, or together to control the value chain.

They are: FPDatFPTrak and FPCom

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Harvest residues are an important source of bioenergy. The interest in this renewable biomass lies in its local availability.

Traditionally, wood is assessed on a volume (m³) or weight (odt = oven-dry tonnes, gmt = green-metric tonnes) basis although these units don’t accurately represent the value of biomass when used for energy purposes (kW= kilowatt, MW= megawatt, GJ=Giga joules). The monetary value of the biomass depends partly on its heating value which is the amount of energy that can be obtained when burning. FPJoule is able to calculate the amount of usable energy in the biomass.

What FPJoule does :

  • The Energy cost section determines the amount of energy obtained when burning a given mass of residues of a certain species, type, and moisture content. A conversion tool calculates monetary equivalents (weight, volume or energy).
  • The Economic advantages section calculates annual potential savings by modifying the traditional energy supply for biomass.
  • The Fuel parameters section allows the user to view the different values used in FPJoule. The Reference section lists the information sources used in FPJoule.
  • The Report allows the user to see an overview of the analysis and to print a copy.

Inputs: The user can modifiy all the values in FPJoule except calculated results shown in grey.

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The Optitek software program is a tool that allows the simulation of any transformation process found in the softwood lumber industry today.

Optitek is a mill-wide log breakdown simulator, and it models the processes of converting logs/timber into lumber products in a sawmill, from log bucking and primary breakdown to the trimmer and sorter bins. It can represent, among others, bucking operations, sawing systems (including curve-sawing), edging and trimming operations. Optitek takes into account the equipment parameters, resource characteristics (species, dimensions, shapes) and the lumber products parameters (dimensions, wane rules, value).

Once a base case is established for a particular sawmill, it can be used to quantify the impacts of changes (i.e. in log supply, capital investments, lumber prices, new/updated sawing lines, new/additional lumber products) on the recovery of lumber and by-products. It allows sawmill management to predict in advance the expected benefits of proposed investments.

Many modification scenarios can be analyzed, including:

  • Different bucking strategies
  • Choices of the best sawing patterns
  • Addition of new products
  • Changes of wane rules and price lists in optimizers
  • Installation of optimization equipment
  • Target sizes and saw kerf reduction
  • and much more...

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